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Career guidance

Career Guidance 

The Career Guidance section acts as a focal point  between university students and the world of training and employment. The Section communicates directly with enrolled students and ASU alumni to keep them informed of latest training opportunities and job vacancies. The Section provides workshops and lectures on various topics of interest to students who will be entering the job market. 

The Career Guidance Section shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Build a database of ASU graduates to establish a means of contact between ASU and its graduates. This communication will benefit both sides. ASU graduates have the chance to keep in touch with their ASU, professors and its services especially related to employment where that ASU graduates can provide support to the current students and conduct success stories sessions tellers.  This section updates the graduate’s database each semester.
  2. Help graduates search for and get jobs by building a close relationship with employers (government and private sectors). Also, post announcements about job opportunities, and career guidance workshops held at ASU via the social communication channel.
  3. Build a good relationship with employers and institutions to get internship and employment vacancies for ASU graduates and students.
  4. Assist non-employed graduates to obtain and do training programs in various private and public institutions.
  5. Assist students to obtain internship opportunities in various institutions in coordination with ASU colleges.
  6. Assist students and graduates to improve their employment skills through organizing different programs and workshops related to employment skills.  These programs assist them to develop their skills and prepare them for work fields. These programs vary between how to write CVs how to be ready for job interviews, conduct success stories sessions tellers and how to establish your own company.
  7. Assist and encourage expected to graduate to visit career fairs in various colleges and universities. In the same time conducts career fair in ASU campus.  
  8. Provide career counseling for students in areas related to career and professional planning.
  9. Assist students in establishing student companies in ASU.