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Community services continuous learning center

Centre for Professional Development & Continuous Learning

Professional Development & Continuous Learning Center is a training unit within A’Sharqiyah University that caters to the lifelong educational and training needs of all learners in the community. CPDCL offers a range of standard and customized programs, non-credit courses, workshops etc. such as English Language Courses, Arabic Language Courses, IT & Computer Courses, Soft Skills Courses, Health & Safety Courses and Specialized Technical Courses.

Centre’s Objectives:

1.    Develop cadres of the community through the provision of training courses and programs that target different segments of professionals and students at different stages.
2.    Propose different training plans and programs to respond to the community’s and industry’s needs.
3.    Provide opportunities for professionals in different sectors to gain the skills and experience to stay up to date with current practices and technologies.