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Arabic language programs

Arabic Language Programs

Like the English Language programs, those courses are designed for students, diplomats, orientalists and those interested in learning Arabic. Though the center, eight levels are offered in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), three levels in Omani Colloquial Arabic (OCA) and three levels of Media Arabic (MA). 

1.    Arabic as Foreign Language
To achieve the Arabic element of the program, the students will have 240 instructional hours divided between their time in the classroom and time with language partners. This rigorous program will provide the students with Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and the Omani Colloquial Arabic (OCA). The students will use Al Kitaab series to learn MSA and locally developed materials to learn OCA. The teaching is proficiency based, communicative and rigorous as the students are expected to cover within 8 weeks what they usually cover in an academic year. The teachers will have office hours for the students to have more one to one time with their teachers to have access to their language learning and culture expertise.

2.    Arabic for beginners
This course is learner-centered and communicative. Students will learn how to write from dictation and read simple texts in Arabic. Every week, students will go through different sets of the alphabet via reading and writing. In addition, every week is themed with different practical situations e.g. greetings, at the doctor, in the market.
The curriculum is based on a learner-centered, real language approach to language learning, focusing on production of communication. The materials prepare participants for both professional and social interactions with native of Arabic, both linguistically and culturally. In addition, participants will develop cultural fluency by creating an awareness of the varied rules across cultures for: politeness, greetings and introductions, conversation dos and taboos, and other similar issues. 

Arabic Language Courses
We, at A’Sharqiyah University, offer Arabic as Foreign Language (AFL) courses. Our team of Omani instructors will help you study Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and the local Omani Colloquial Arabic (OCA) in an interactive and enjoyable environment that is safe in peaceful Oman as well as Media Arabic classes for upper levels.

Teaching Team

Our teaching team is Omani former Fulbright foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) who taught Arabic in USA for an extended time. They are trained to teach Arabic in a communicative approach; which allows the students to speak and practice their Arabic through role plays, discussions, and guided practice.


Al-Kitaab fii Ta’allum al-‘Arabiyya series is used for MSA. For OCA, we use a collection of functional and real life dialogues, in a form of handouts, to help students integrate in the society and make friends quicker. Also, we offer Media Arabic classes that are based entirely newspapers and TV language. The teaching methodology focuses on discussion, reading and writing. This class is for advance learners who finished two years of Arabic instruction at their home universities.
For faculty-led groups, we can provide customized programs using the group’s desired textbook.

Other Services

In addition to AFL instruction, A’Sharqiyah University will provide onsite orientation (in Oman), excursions and opportunities to meet Omani college students who share the same interests. They will speak to students in Arabic to boost further their Arabic acquisition.
Also, we will provide housing, transportation and support to ensure that you have a good experience in Oman.

Placement and Quality Insurance

Based on the students’ Arabic coverage, written placement test, and the oral test, students will be placed in their appropriate levels.
To ensure the quality of our program, there will be an OPI scheduled for the students in their first week of class and in their last week of the class to assess what progress was made.

Faculty- Led Groups

A’Sharqiyah University welcomes faculty-led groups. We can provide the following:
•    Arabic Instruction
•    Housing
•    Transportation
•    Excursions
•    Logistical help
We welcome short to long term faculty-led groups. Additionally, we are flexible in our course offerings and curriculum.

Why A’Sharqiyah University?

Students will have access to communicative Arabic instruction using internationally recognized curriculum. The teaching team is Omani, open minded and intercultural. The teachers will help you learn Arabic; learn about the religion and the culture of Oman. Students will be surrounded by Omani college students who are keen to exchange ideas and build friendships. Also, Arabic students will have access to the university’s library, computer labs, and wireless internet to be connected to people at home and their studies as well.
The University is located in the town of Ibra. Ibra is a small Omani town where Arabic students will find the desired immersion in both the Arabic language and in the Omani culture. Students will experience the real Oman that is different from Muscat. It is more authentic.
Ibra, and Oman in general, is peaceful and secure. Students (and their parents) will have a peace of mind as Oman is safer than the other countries in the region. Students will explore the beauty of Oman and culture in safety